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Growing Mushrooms At Home

Growing mushrooms at home is not a technical task.

With right information, you will be able to grow them and earn substantial amount of money.


Guide To Growing Mushrooms At Home


As a beginner mushroom grower, you will be required to purchase a mushroom kit in order to be growing mushrooms at home.

The number of mushroom kit that you may be required to buy depends with mushrooms that you wish to use for your growing mushrooms at home.

These mushrooms kits contain detail instructions as well as materials and supplies that you may need for growing mushrooms at home.

A person who already knows how to grow mushrooms may use improvised mushroom growing boxes made from cartons.

Mushroom growing kits are available in many gardening stores within your town.

These kits are also of different types for every type of mushroom.

Most popular species for growing mushrooms at home include:

These are the common species of mushroom that produces highest yields about four pounds.

However, this depends with diligence as well as harvesting process to give room for growth and maturation of others.

When buying a mushroom kit, remember that spawn are of two types.

These are in bricks and in flake form.

Different Methods Of Growing Mushrooms At Home

Growing Mushrooms at Home


The methods of growing mushrooms at home also differ according to a type of spawn you may purchase.

As a beginner mushroom grower, you may buy these two types of spawns to determine which one will work best for your interest.

As a continuing mushroom grower you may be aware of the best type of spawn to consider.

When using flakes, ensure that you mix them properly with substrate.

You need to spread almost a quarter of your mixture over an area of about fifteen feet and remember to cover this area.

Contrary, when using bricks, you will be required to break bricks into small pieces and plant these chunks about six inches apart.

Never should you use any type of fertilizer for growing mushrooms at home.

This is because fertilizer contains toxic chemicals that may kill delicate spores causing your whole project to fail.

Note that the soil contained in any of the mushroom kit that you will purchase contains necessary nutrients for growth of mushrooms.

The type of water to use is:

  • rain,
  • spring or
  • well water.

Do not use any piped water because it may contain chlorine that is very harmful to spores.

If you may consider piped water, then it should be free from chlorine and other water treatment chemicals.

You will need also to maintain moisture in your mushroom garden.

The soil should be damp and not wet.

You my use spray bottle to water your mushroom beds.

A spray bottle will allow you to water to get to your mushroom in mist form.

All your growing mushrooms at home beds should be placed in cool, dark and damp area.

A place with such named characteristic may include places within your home such as a basement.

When your home does not have a basement, you may come up with a closet or a cabinet to use to growing mushrooms at home.

Ensure that you maintain the temperature of your growing mushroom at home area at about sixty degrees F.

Never should you allow temperatures of your growing mushrooms at home exceed seventy five degrees F.


mushroom growing


Too high temperature may have burning effect to your mushroom, thereby reducing yields.

You will need to watch your mushroom as they grow to maturity.

Mushrooms should be harvested immediately they mature.

This is because they are perishable and may spoil after some few hours.

When harvesting, remember not just to pick mushrooms.

It is advisable that you use a knife to harvest each mushroom by cutting it from its stalk.

Generally, growing mushroom at home is one of the best business that you can venture.

You will really need to put your heart in it.

Proper devotion and commitment is all that is requiring combined with basic mushroom growing skills.

This is because growing  mushrooms at home requires strict following of growing procedure.

Now that you are aware on steps to growing mushrooms at home, you may go out there and start mushroom farming.

If you are an existing home mushroom grower, you may increase your yields by ensuring some vital aspects of mushroom growing that you may not be observing.



Growing Mushrooms At Home

If you are already in the business of growing mushrooms and you feel that you have something to share with other aspiring mushroom growers you can leave your comments below.

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